Current walking track status for the area detailed below from the Field Centre

  • Higgs track is open with some works continuing
  • Western Creek track and Syds Track are open
  • Westrope Rd is closed at the Syd’s Track intersection preventing vehicle access to Mother Cummings track from     Westrope Rd, but can still be accessed by walking.
  • Parsons Track remains CLOSED
  • Quamby Bluff track is open
  • All tracks in the Meander area are open, with some works continuing, with the exception of the section of Ironstone track mentioned in the other E-mail. This section will remain CLOSED for some time
  • Devils Gullet remains CLOSED to the public
  • Access to the Mersey valley via Mersey Forest Road has now been re-established and all walking tracks in this area are open, with works to continue on some tracks