We invite you to come and savour our delicious menu, freshest coffee and the best from Tassie’s boutique brewers in our cosy cafe with stunning mountain views.

Open Sundays 11am to 4pm

Marakoopa Café is located at Mayberry, a quiet 10 minute drive west of Mole Creek, on the road to Marakoopa Cave. A gorgeous setting with Western Bluff as its backdrop, we are on the very edge of the Great Western Tiers.

The gardens are a delight, with benches and chairs to relax on as you drink your coffee and enjoy a toasted Panini, a gourmet hot dog or delicious seasonal soup, finished off with a home-baked muffin or cake served with fresh cream.

We have Indian runner ducks, chickens, sheep, geese and a goat for the delight of the children and you may be lucky and spot a blue fairy wren or scarlet robin flitting in the shade of the silver birch trees.

On inclement and wintry days, enjoy sitting on a sofa in our café, soaking up the warmth radiating from our log fire, as you view the snow capped peak of the Western Bluff.  For more details see Marakoopa Cafe