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Mole Creek -  Tiger Country

 Tassie Tiger  - the Legend lives on - or does it?

Tasmania is home to some of the world's most unusual and mysterious wildlife. Australian animals, such as the platypus, the koala and the kangaroo, have been a source of wonder and awe to people the world over. But perhaps our most mysterious animal is the thylacine, or Tasmanian Tiger, which is considered to have become extinct by 1936. There are many reasons why people are fascinated by this animal. Perhaps it is its name and the romantic notion of Australia having its own 'tiger'. Perhaps  it is the fact that there are people who claim to have seen a Tasmanian Tiger and believe it may not be extinct after all.

While Mole Creek is one of the centres of Tassie Tiger sightings you will discover the many more mysteries above and below ground, that make this unique region a must see for tourists and locals alike -from the majestic underground Marakoopa and King Solomons Caves to the visually stunning Tulampanga/Alum Cliffs and Devil's Gullet. See the Tasmanian Devil and other fascinating native animals at the Trowunna Wildlife Park and the extensive display dedicated to the Tassie Tiger in The TigerBar at the Mole Creek Hotel. And all with the ever-changing and beautiful Western Tiers as a stunning back drop.

Tasmania's unique pristine wilderness astounds all the senses. As spellbinding as it is breathtaking we guarantee you will feel closer to mother nature at the conclusion of your Mole Creek and surrounds visit - we guarantee it!  So hop into your transport of choice and begin your new venture into what will no doubt become an experience of a lifetime. And remember, keep a look out for our Tassie Tiger as it's out there somewhere, just waiting to be found.-

Mole Creek - Magic above and below ground  

Mole Creek has everything you need for a long or a short stay one – great food, cosy accommodation and friendly hospitality – and is the perfect base for your exploration of a huge range of experiences in central north Tasmania.

The town and the local creek were so-named because the creek disappears into the local karst limestone 'like a mole'.

Natural wonders include the celebrated Mole Creek Caves, a Mole Creek attraction for over 100 years, world-class national parks including the Walls of Jerusalem, easy walking trails to spectacular lookouts at Tulampanga/Alum Cliffs, Devils Gullet and Westmorland Falls, and bush walks along tracks cut by hunters, trappers and loggers up the face of the Great Western Tiers and beyond.

At Trowunna Wildlife Park you get get up close and personal with our native wildlife, including Tasmania Devils.

Mole Creek is unsurpassed as a base for touring the central north area of Tasmania. Relax in the peace and tranquillity of this idyllic location, at the same time being within easy – and very scenic – driving distance of many other iconic destinations.

Easy day trips will take you to Cradle Mountain, Devonport and north coast,and the Great Lakes – and many more places of interest. Closer to hand is Deloraine, noted for its annual craft fair.

For all information about our beautiful place please visit our Information Centre situated within Cafe Bozzey on the main street see link Mole Creek Info Centre for more info.

Mole Creek  – Tasmania as you’ve always imagined it!