Tulampanga/Alum Cliffs & Gorge

The enchanting short walk (about 40 minutes return) to Tulampanga/Alum Cliffs takes you to a forest lookout perched high above the Mersey River, which flows along the valley through the Alum Cliffs Gorge.

From the carpark, steps climb to a forest clearing where you will find one of the installations which form the Great Western Tiers Sculpture Trail – Soulevement-Triangulaire, point de vue – by David Jones. This enormous structure acknowledges the triangulation of three major physical references – Quamby Bluff, Tulampanga/Alum Cliffs Gorge and Western Bluff, as seen from the site of the sculpture.
The all-weather path continues on through forest, along a high, tapering ridge, until you reach the breath-taking lookout platform.

The Tulampanga/Alum Cliffs lie within the Alum Cliffs State Reserve and form a part of the Gog Range